Our Lady of Walsingham

Rededication of England as the Dowry of Mary – Live Prayer and Mass

On Sunday 29 March England is being rededicated to Jesus through Mary. England once again becomes The Dowry of Mary. The rededication is ‘the personal gift of the faith of the people of England to the Mother of God, to seek her help in building …

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School Closure Learning List

School Closure! Now what? 60 Tips for Home Learning

From Monday all schools in England are closed because of Coronavirus (Covid-19). I began home educating eight years ago, when we were still living in Switzerland. Now we’re back in the UK, where my children learn at home, visit schools, study and work. I would …

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Best of Coronavirus

Best-of Corona! Balcony Singers and other Inspirations

In Italy people are singing on their balconies to encourage each other during their lockdown. Priests are carrying Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament through the streets or livestream Holy Mass, since people in Austria and other countries cannot attend Church. In Spain people are …

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Schule gesclossen

Schulen geschlossen! Was nun? Über 80 Tipps für das Lernen daheim

Ab Montag bleiben sämtliche Schulen in der Schweiz wegen Coronavirus (Covid-19) geschlossen. Ich habe vor acht Jahren mit Home Education in der Schweiz begonnen. In der Zwischenzeit leben wir in England wo meine Kinder zu Hause lernen, Schulen besuchen, studieren und arbeiten. Nie hätte ich …

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Coronavirus – Endzeiten, Verschwörung oder Farce?

Überall hören wir vom Coronavirus. Täglich erreichen mich E-Mails die über Corona berichten, sei dies von der Schule, der Pfadi, einer bevorstehenden Veranstaltung im Royal Albert Hall oder im Newsletter einer Onlinezeitung. Corona ist in aller Munde. Ein Husten höre ich aber selten um mich …

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