New Colours

Autumn Leaves, Bits of Thought, Bernice Zieba

Can you imagine new colours? Colours that do not exist on earth? Colours which are neither red, nor blue, nor yellow, nor any mixture of these main colours? Well, this…

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Bubbling Sea

Waves at sea, Bits of Thought, Bernice Zieba

She felt a bubbling sea rising up in her as she grew angrier and angrier. She ordered the boiling waves to retreat. They obeyed. All she said in the end…

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Do you know those Dreams?

Island, Water, Bits of Thought, Bernice Zieba

A. and T. are having an inspired discussion about dreams. I overhear bits and pieces of their conversation. A: Do you know those dreams, where you breath under water? (I…

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Trust versus Fear

Daisy Heart, Bits of Thought, Bernice Zieba

The opposite of love is not necessary hate, but fear. It is fear, that causes a lot of destruction. Most mistakes we do in life are out of fear and…

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