Covid-19: Have we fallen into a pseudo-religion?



In Germany people have to wear a face mask due to the pandemic. In sport groups or religion, an outward sign gives members a sense of belonging. It shows what they stand for and what they believe. Face mask wearers show that they believe in Covid-19 and in the orders given by the government. It’s like a confession, unless they’re just being obedient. After all, who would like to appear selfish and as a danger to the lives of others? A face mask wearer might ask:  “Why am I obeying the state, although the protective effect is by no means proved. Even those who have ordered it to be worn, have their reservations.” He also may ask: “Are the death numbers true at all? Why does the death toll include people who haven’t even died of Covid-19?” But the face mask covers his mouth and shuts him up.

The ritual

In England: Every Thursday at 8pm people clap for the NHS (National Health Service). Yes, all these selfless doctors and nurses deserve recognition. Clap. Clap. But isn’t it a nice feeling? Finally, we are one, and we’re all doing something meaningful together, rather than just watching TV. It has become a weekly ritual. Where does this idea to clap come from and whom am I actually worshipping? Isn’t this distracting us from what’s truly going on behind the scenes? Oh, just carry on clapping. Doubts and scepticism shall fly away! Who wants dark thoughts to nest in the brain and cause, God knows what, anyway … So, let’s just clap them all away. Then lets look at the pleasant pictures on TV and on YouTube. Wonderful. How good we all are.

The song of praise

You can almost hear a chorus all over the world chanting: “Covid-19, Covid-19, Corona, Corona, we believe in you alone. We must all stay at home!” Anyone who does not believe in the Almighty Corona is treated like a heretic in public. Their voice is denied in the media. Their posts get deleted on YouTube, their websites blocked, some even get locked up in mental hospitals. Doctors (and indeed, there are many) and laity who contradict the governmental Corona interpretation are labelled Conspiracy Theorists. People who do every day things are punished with fines, if they don’t conform to restrictions lacking sense. Hell is given to those who don’t bend their knee in front of Covid-19.


In Oxford, they have been working on a vaccination and are now testing it on humans. Covid-19 believers may rejoice: Their deliverance from the pandemic could arrive soon. Thanks be to the gods WHO, Bill Gates and Co. Covid-19 believers trust that the vaccine will save us. They overlook that in the past, the same gods have been distributing vaccinations which have paralysed, sterilized and killed thousands of people, and that these gods also intend to implant microchips in our bodies to monitor us. Covid-19 believers are also grateful for the Corona app, after all, what could be better than that the State, like a God, guards us with its protective eyes? Don’t think of Orwell’s 1984, the GDR, the USSR and other nightmares. We don’t want to spoil the fun.


People love rituals and characteristics of belonging; everyone longs for redemption. Dictators like Hitler, Stalin and Lenin took advantage of these human desires and used psychological methods to manipulate the masses. With propaganda and manipulation, they created pseudo-religions with which they could deceive and guide the masses. Their salvation was paradise on earth with the perfect man. The way there was marked with restrictions on freedom, persecution and terror, as well as millions of victims. In Christian religion, the origins of community, rituals and salvation are completely different, namely in God, and the ultimate goal is eternal life.

Our enemy may be sneaking up soft-footed this time. Is Corona a pretext in order to steal our freedom? Do we really want to get used to totalitarian surveillance, also when Covid-19 is over?