Homeschooled Americans

Homeschooled in America 

Wow! Hier einen Einblick in die Geschichte des Homeschoolings in den USA.
Abgesehen von den vielen offensichtlichen Vorteilen, schaut euch mal an, wieviel Geld der Staat durch Homeschooling einspart!

Homeschooled in America: this graphic says it all…

Bernice Zieba, Jan Zieba, Homeschooling, Homeschool Blog, American Homeschoolers


  1. Looking forward to this video, Sue!

    You can easly take this graphic by the way. You just need to click on it and copy the code.

  2. Bernice,

    What an effective way to tell the homeschooling story! The opinions of the graduated homeschoolers was very interesting. I have a video planned of one of my older children talking about their experience of homeschooling. I hope it turns out okay!

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