Important Catholic Books: My Heart Will Triumph

Mirjana Soldo

Mirjana Soldo-Dragicevic is one of six seers who claim to have visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Hercegovinian village of Medjugoje. The apparitions started back in 1981 and are lasting till today.

My Heart Will Triumph is the first book written by a visionary from the Medjugorje apparitions, and therefore gives us a direct and lively report of what happened. The reader experiences the apparitions through the eyes of the author.

In her book, Mirjana imparts the reader hope and joy through faith, and also adds bits of humour. She talks about the ten secrets, without revealing them assures us, that there is no need for fear. Her account reminds us of what really matters in life and how much God and Mary love us.

Mirjana also tells the reader about her difficult times and sufferings which she went through during the early and middle years of the apparitions, when both the communist state of Yugoslavia and the local Bishop made her life and those of her fellow seers anything else than easy. At the same these reports make the Marian apparitions even more credible.

I highly recommend this book because it gives a close account of what Medjugorje is all about, and how important faith is for humanity.

My Heart Will Triumph is available as a paperback on Amazon.
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