Important Catholic Books: The Power of Silence

Road, Strasse

Can you write a whole book about silence, without becoming contradictory? Robert Cardinal Sarah has answered questions from interviewer Nicolas Diat on a large scale, yet once again, the book is full of wisdom, from beginning to end.

Before reading The Power of Silence, I had already valued silence and experienced the calming darkness and quietness of night. But whilst reading this treasure, I became much more aware of the importance of silence.

Robert Cardinal Sarah certainly brings us back to the essentials of faith: Meeting God means, meeting him in silence. God is not noisy, he speaks through our heart … And thus the liturgy shouldn’t be celebrated in a noisy, but in a dignified way. Adoration is a silent prayer – in adoration and listening to God’s voice, we are closest to God. Clarity and strength in faith come from silent prayer …

The book The Power of Silence can be read as an enlightening meditation. I’m sure it has the power to inspire priests and lay persons in their vocations.

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