New guidelines for pubs, church and schools and what I think about them

Pictures of drawn rainbows in the windows of homes have faded, after hanging for months in the sun. I noticed it when I was walking back from the park with my three youngest children. The symbolism seems to say: The enthusiasm of early lockdown days is over, and also the uncertainty regarding the virus itself. We know a lot more now. We know that a very small percentage becomes ill and even fewer die of coronavirus, and that it’s not the entire nation but the most vulnerable that need shelter, as they would when the flu goes round.

Super Saturday is the day when pubs are opening again in England. Public houses are one of Britain’s identity marks and many people had to forgo their pub visit for months.

But looking at the rules and guidelines the government has imposed for social distancing – or let’s rather call it socialist distancing – you will notice they are killing the joy, and many aren’t looking forward to going back. Some just leave it all together. They’d rather sit in their own garden with friends for a drink and BBQ. Understandable. Who wants to give their name and address when entering the pub, not talk to the barkeeper, order drink and food on an app, not interact with any other guests than the ones they came with and sit meters apart at separated tables viewing staff wearing masks?

The virus has practically gone, most people haven’t died of it, hospitals departments have remained empty, despite the leaders of this country chanting “save the NHS” for weeks. On the reverse side people have died, having been denied access to hospitals and treatment because of alleged Covid-19 patients, who never arrived. And how many of the vulnerable elderly have been put in care homes and caught the virus there?

Schools are meant to be fully open by September. But they won’t be the way they were before coronavirus. Even without 2 m distancing, children are supposed to follow a whole new set of rules and restrictions that are simply inhumane. How can you imagine children not running around freely on the school grounds, playing tag, bumping in each other, clapping hands together and feeling happy? Sitting separated from each other in class, operating in bubbles which include a few pupils who are always together and don’t mix with other pupils, washing hands several times a day and having items and classrooms cleaned more than usual – how will this effect our children’s mental development?

No wonder some parents consider not sending their children back to school.

It’s not just pubs and schools. Such similar insane rules are implemented in almost any thinkable public place. Can you imagine no singing in church? It’s one of the new guidelines places of worship have to follow, apart from forbidding hymn books, sitting 1+ m apart and wearing a face mask. Is this the church I know? It is more like a remote-controlled church that adheres to a strange dictatorship which, in some respects, is worse than communism.

I just hope that many will follow their common sense rather than let themselves be treated like infantile subjects who have to be told what to do and what not. The crowds that flocked to the beach, during the hottest days of the year last week, could prove that people do follow their instincts.

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