Open Letter to Bill and Melinda Gates


Dear Bill, dear Melinda

Bill, you mentioned that the pandemic will not stop, until most people on Earth are vaccinated. You are neither a doctor, nor a virologist, nor an epidemiologist. What gives you the right to determine something like that?

I can tell you, I have zero trust in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and in your intentions. But maybe you can do something to help me change my mind.

Reasons for my concerns are, for example, the forced sterilization of women in Kenya, planned by the WHO and you, and the paralysis of 500,000 children after the polio vaccination you gave. And what about the 700,000 victims you accept to take in risk for a corona vaccination?

The contents of the vaccinations are questionable from a moral and health point of view. There are active ingredients from aborted fetuses, lots of aluminium, as well as genetically modified goods and more. Perhaps that’s why you didn’t want to vaccinate your own children.

One or the other news service is financed by you. Whoever owns media may also determine what people see, hear and read and in which direction their opinion should go. This impression I get with your guest article on Focus (in German – original article in English on Economist).

Why do you intend to inject a tiny microchip under people’s skin? Nobody will notice it, it’s so small. You can collect all kinds of data on it. However, I can assure you that I and many others will not accept this.

The media has been scaremongering us for months, by making us believe that Covid-19 is more dangerous than the seasonal flu, but it isn’t. This is confirmed by numerous doctors and professors from different countries. Their posts on YouTube, in blogs and even their own websites are often censored.

Unfortunately, the scaremongering has been successful. Therefore, it is not surprising when people are almost begging for a vaccination rescue.

We are in a pandemic that is actually over or has never existed, and we still have to keep 1.50 m apart. Will we all end up mentally disturbed if this carries on for long? It feels unnatural to pass by masked people on the street who avoid you.

Let’s think of the children. If they’re not able to experience closeness to others, this will lead to a slow impoverishment of the soul. Who would want to send their children to a school where they’re not allowed to play catch on the playground? People had it better during war: they met, hugged and played together.

Or is the reason for these forced social distances a better way for tracking people as they stand 1.50 m apart?

Another basic question: Is it true that you are connected to Satanism? If this is true, I just want to tell you that it is not too late to renounce the devil and his machinations.

This guy is not your friend, he’s your worst enemy. Yes, he may promise you everything earthly. But your soul is more valuable than anything else. And when you die, it’s the only thing you’ll take with you.

By the way, your parents were eugenicists and heavily involved in the abortion lobby; does that explain your urge to depopulate the earth, as you mentioned in a TED lecture?

Again, why are you taking the right to compromise the integrity of seven billion people? You wouldn’t be the first to rule the world while having connection to occultism (an example is that guy with the black moustache). Again, as long as you are still breathing, it is not too late to renounce evil.

I wish you all the best.

Yours sincerely
Bernice Zieba

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