Google Doodle with Jesus

Jesus Christ, Jesus Christus, Pantocrator

Ever thought about a Google Doodle with Jesus as a reminder of important Christian feast days, such as Christmas and Easter? Fortunately, in Great Britain, four saints were presented, due…

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Famous Christmas Stories

Famous Christmas Stories, Bernice Zieba

Get in the mood for Christmas with these classic Christmas stories! Read them to yourself or aloud. Suitable for the whole family. Christmas Stories contains nine enchanting folk tales and…

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John Wren, The Bakers Son

Fire in Oven

When I woke up, the sun wasn’t up yet. I didn’t hear the coaches screeching, horse hooves clacking or the road sellers shouting. I was woken up by a different…

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New Colours

Autumn Leaves, Bits of Thought, Bernice Zieba

Can you imagine new colours? Colours that do not exist on earth? Colours which are neither red, nor blue, nor yellow, nor any mixture of these main colours? Well, this…

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