Bubbling Sea

Waves at sea, Bits of Thought, Bernice Zieba

She felt a bubbling sea rising up in her as she grew angrier and angrier. She ordered the boiling waves to retreat. They obeyed. All she said in the end…

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Jane Banbury’s Dream

A cup of tea, Bits of Thought, Bernice Zieba

Jane Banbury was sitting at her desk. It was a dark desk, made of solid wood. Empty, apart from sheets of lined paper, an ink pen, a mild table lamp…

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The Escape

Plane, Planets, Suitcase, Bits of Thought, Bernice Zieba

It was the year 2051. A year in which freedom was lost. The controlled district Engler-2, former country of England, was like an enormous concentration camp, but with less visible…

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