The Anglo-Saxon Village Chronicles II Now Available

The Voyage

The Anglo-Saxon Village – Book II: The Voyage

Will Adrian and Rohanna ever return to the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia in the early Middle Ages?

The twins have long since grown up and have led an almost normal life in modern England… If it weren’t for the memories of the mysterious event in their childhood. And the mystery hasn’t ended! Adrian and Rohanna not only find themselves set back to Mercia, but also to their youth. New dangers, old and new friends, magic and excitement await the youngsters as they re-enter Mercia, more than a thousand years back in time.

(Ages 9-13, and older readers who love adventurous time-travelling.)

The perfect ‘living book’ for learning about everyday life during the Anglo-Saxon period. Suitable for home education, classroom and for entertainment.

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