Coming Apocalypse – A Book by a Lockdown Sceptic

Vernon Coleman: Coming Apocalypse

If you only read one book about the coronavirus, make it this one: Coming Apocalypse, by Vernon Coleman.

Coleman describes himself as an old man in a chair at the end of each video which he posts on a daily basis since the rise of coronavirus. His YouTube channel has become successful, with thousands of views on each video. In his videos he unveils the hoax and several details connected to this biggest farce history has ever known.

He himself is a doctor, although he resigned some years ago due to the increase of bureaucracy within the NHS.

Coming Apocalypse is his most recent book of over a hundred published books. Part of it is written as a diary, in which he follows the development of the crises. Another part is about the future and what may await us.

He investigates the restrictions and the facts behind the numbers, and discovers how death rates are inflated, how little sense the lockdown makes and is concerned about the methods that are letting old people die rather than rescuing them.

The book is an honest and easy read, with bits of humour among all seriousness.

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