Unite for Freedom – Protest and March – 29 August 2020

The Union Jack, Great Britain Flag

No more lockdowns, no social distancing, no masks, no track and trace, no health passports, no mandatory vaccinations, no “new normal”. Restore all human rights that have been violated.

These are the reasons for a mass protest and march, beginning at Trafalgar Square in London on Saturday 29 August 2020 at 12:00. Found on The Lockdown Sceptics.

Organisations supporting the protest:

Unite for Freedom




  1. Media only shows Berlin…People worldwide are standing up for their rights and against their governments & Media. Don`t stop!!!

  2. Great to see the resistance again the global tyranny is growing exponentially!

  3. “Dead people don’t have any economic mass”

    This is not about money anymore…

  4. I would love to be there but cannot make it. It should not be necessary though. Everyone should be able to see through this by now. There is not and never has been a corona virus pandemic. A pandemic is not when a quarter of 1% of global population catch some illness. Even less is it a pandemic when about 99% of those who get it recover.

  5. How is culling us going to help add to the mass wealth? Dead people don’t have any economic mass.

  6. Absolute nonsense. This is just a load of bilge with no proof behind any of it.

  7. Covid 19 was created by the lab in Wuhan. That lab had funding via Fauci, and it was built with funding from France. This is an intentionally created bio weapon, now being used to take away your freedom of choice. It has been used to once again add vast wealth to banking and big Corp maggots. It is being used by Gates to turn us into micro chipped, DNA changed zombies. It is their luciferian wet dream; micro biology combined with AI technology to gradually cull us. It is Frankenstein via a microscope. The MSM is its Fear propaganda machine. No questions allowed. We are being led by wolves to their end game of creating compliant sheep.

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