School Closure! Now what? 60 Tips for Home Learning

School Closure Learning List

From Monday all schools in England are closed because of Coronavirus (Covid-19). I began home educating eight years ago, when we were still living in Switzerland. Now we’re back in the UK, where my children learn at home, visit schools, study and work.

I would have never imagined that learning at home would ever become the new normal! I would like to share a list of the best online resources for learning outside of school. They come from my eight years of experience. I am especially thinking of teachers who are now searching new ways for their pupils to learn from home.

Maths, Computing

Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Space




Music, Art




Book recommendation

One last word

Priorities! It’s important to learn, but it’s even more important to maintain a good relationship to the child! Everyone has his own learn pace, everyone needs a break. Talking, laughing, enjoying a meal or watching a film together and sometimes just doing nothing is necessary too!


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